our service

for AM

 additive manfacturing

•Decorative Coatings
•Conductive Layers
•Hard Coatings
•Functional Coatings
•Anti Microbial / Medical Coatings 
•Tribological Coatings, scratch resistive  
•Barrier Layer (as example for food, etc…)
•Semi Conductive Coatings
•TCO-Layers (transparent-conductive-oxide)

Our Service

Plasma Coatings on 3D-Prints

Functional and Decorative Coatings

Sampling and Performance Evaluation

Feasability Studies

Adhesion, Hardness, Functionality, Conductive-Application

We check for you what is possible with your 3D-Printed products.  

Aluminium / Titanium


or Gold-Look

Copper and many others

43D.eu will find solutions.

We make it possible!

Materials for PLASMA-Coatings



    and many more, also compounds……                                                      …..all materials that can be sputtered!


Oxides  (such as Aluminium Oxide, Titanium Oxide)
•Nitrides (such as Titancarbonitride….)
•DLC (diamond-like-coating)

PLASMA-Surface-Modification is our passion